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Dedicated to Ashley McCaskill Zellars and Family.

This website/blog is dedicated to helping patients and their families that find themselves in the struggle of illness and caregiving. Ashley’s personal story can be found on “Ashley’s Page“.

I started this blog in June of 2015 but found myself too raw emotionally to continue. I needed some time to clear my head and create the forum that did justice to Ashley’s wishes.
First let me say this blog is not about Ashley or me, it’s about creating a forum for patients and caregivers. Ashley is still my wife even though she passed away in June of 2015 from esophageal cancer surgery complications.  I will not go into details of this long ordeal, but we decided to create a forum to share information that might help others. The blog name, Ashley’s Voice, is inspired directly from one of the side effects of surgery; partial loss of  her normal speaking voice. Her voice may have been weak but her advocacy for cancer survivors was as loud as a lion’s roar. She was tough as nails. Her cancer didn’t return it was the devastation of the surgery that left her in a very fragile, physical condition.

Caregivers remember, grief is part of caregiving and should be treated by professionals. It’s real so talk to your primary doctor early. GUILT ? Please read….

Please follow, make comments or pass this blog address on to anyone that it might help.

Dan Zellars



March 21, 2017

We have found a source for Physicians and a organization that specializes in CVS Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome treatment. If you think you may have CVS or care for someone that may have CVS please contact us. CVS Tennessee. 615-673-2221

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome – Tennessee
CVS – Treatment
As of this date there are no Physicians in Tennessee that specialize in the treatment of
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome  ( CVS ). We are a none profit organization and we do offer free resource information about CVS. Please contact us TODAY at 615-673-2221.
There is hope and a growing awareness of this cruel condition.

Dan Zellars
CVS Tennessee – Ashley’s Voice Outreach Resource Group

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