Caregiver’s Comments

YOU ARE NOT ALONE –  Family & Friends are not professionally train caregivers.
This is like really bad on the job training. What we are really doing is flying by the seat of our pants. Yes, the patient is suffering in ways we can’t image but if the caregiver goes down too you really have a problem. Please comment on this blog or email us your caregiver experiences. We are not medical professionals we are an advocate group trying to guide caregivers to resources that may help.

You will notice that caregivers experience the same doubts, frustrations, fatigue and guilt.  

  1. It was the most honorable and fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. It also was the absolute hardest thing I’ve ever done.

  2. It was wearing me down.. I can see that now, but I couldn’t then.. I was too focused on Brian. Sorting medical bills and insurance claims and managing medication (there was a LOT) and trying to get him to smile and feel better. I had tunnel vision.
  3. The stress of administering  Intravenous feeding at home is nerve wracking. You have your loved one’s life in your hands. Who made us doctors?
  4. I was becoming an absolute zombie trying to be a single caregiver. You don’t realize the toll it’s taking on you. It’s not if it’s when. Go to your doctor early and see if they can help you prepare.